An excuse for the moment seems like a nice road, but the wise man knows not to tread on it because at the end, it turns into a trap of failure. The most unproductive idea ever manufactured is an excuse. Excuses are produced when we listen to the voice of failure.

What is your excuse for not applying for that job? What is your excuse for not renting that shop, not writing that book, not studying for that exam, not taking those part-time courses, or not acting on that business idea? What is your excuse? Whatever your excuse, it is not good enough.

Make progress today. Success is a matter of choices. There is no sound reason in the whole wide world why you should not succeed. There is one great reason why you must make it, and that is the God you serve! If God is for us, who can be against us?

Go out with God on your side.

The excuses of yesterday cannot hold you back today, but with God ALL things are possible. Go forward.

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