It’s 11 days to Valentine’s day and if you haven’t gotten your partner a gift buy now or at least have a clear idea of what to get them or made a deposit, then WOW!! I don’t want to say you’re a bad person because I’m a good person and wouldn’t call anyone a bad person but WOW!!! Just WOW!!!!

I’m not here to guilt trip you though. As always, I’m here to help. So if you forgot you have a partner until this week or you’re in a situationship and thinking “should I get this person a gift or not?” Or you’re a KING/QUEEN that buys gifts for their friends (better person) or the relationship is still new and you don’t know if ‘pararanran’ and pillows and “me and mine” is the way to go, just come and camp here. Here are 5 things you can gift people in your life whether they’re on the romantic side of the divide or the platonic side.

1. Subscriptions: You can never go wrong with subscriptions. Make a list of everything they are subscribed to, from apps to websites to services (music, storage, apps, gym membership, exclusive clubs, boxes) and pay off as many or as few as you are able to.

2. Masterclasses: This is especially good if one of their new year’s resolutions is to learn something new. Gift them a course or a couple of courses in their field of interest . There is a class to suit all hobbies and interests (I’ve seen it all on Udemy. Even things that I thought couldn’t be taught are on there).

3. An Experience: You know that saying about people not forgetting how you made them feel? Aha! This is it! Gift them an experience. The options are endless: solo weekend vacation, a night in a hotel for them to just chill, spa treatment, tickets to a concert or live show or a sporting event, escape room adventure, a photoshoot, bouncy castle experience, donations in their name, adventures……. It goes on and on

4. Gift cards: A gift card is a prepaid card that can be used to make purchases and execute other types of financial transactions. See why it’s great? Just gift them a gift card and they buy what they want. Some gift card ideas include; Amazon, Etsy, Disney, Sephora, Audible, Suregifts, Google play, Netflix, Apple.

5. Send them money: Money is always a good idea. More (free) money is never ever a bad idea.

As a bonus, you can ask what they want. If it fits your budget, very good. If it’s bigger than you, you can team up with others to get it. If it’s bigger than you and your team, wellllllllllllllllllll I don’t know may check 1-5 above.

So, who are you gifting what? Share below.

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