“Winter is here! some of us are so cold, we are considering getting married”.
Hello there! How is the weather?. Well for us in Kaduna, it has been Brrreezy??
If you are reading this blog from any northern state, then you can relate to how chilled we are by this time of the year. If you are not up north, then well you are missing – lol. I think Buju and Timaya saw the future before writing that song.
So I have taken out time to curate a list of things you can do to survive and enjoy this harmattan season, grab a drink, hot cocoa, hot buns, or whatever you can, and enjoy the read.
Well, this shouldn’t be news to anybody that has experienced cold weather before. I mean why would you still be taking chilled drinks and food? To be able to enjoy this harmattan season, ensure your foods are warm, your drinks are warm, or at most at room temperature. You do not want to catch a cold and the doctor mistake your symptoms for Covid-19 innit?.?
Scarves, mittens, and hats are a great way to express your personality in the cold weather. A huge bonus is that clothes worn during the cold season are usually beautiful clothes – my Jos people can relate wink. Your got-to-clothings should include socks, hats, beanies, gloves, mufflers, boots, and facemasks. You got to stay warm, there are cheap clothes to rock during this season, and you don’t have to break the bank.

Yeah, this had to make the list. This is also the season for cracked lips. You get on a motorcycle or vehicle, and boom! Your lips are parched. Trust me there is nothing comfortable or beautiful about having cracked lips. Instead of always licking your lips (you are not a Kupe boy)?, get a lip balm. There are varied types that are available and are also cheap too. I use the one from Nivea, it is pretty legit.
This should not be here, but it is added on purpose because it has been observed that some of our brothers and sisters do not apply lotions in the right places – especially during the harmattan. This season comes with some disadvantages, and one of them includes cracked skins. And we cannot have our readers walking around with lightning bolt-looking cracks on their skins. We advise you to apply body lotions on all parts of your body, especially the exposed parts – hands, feet, face, ears, necks, elbows, and feet (again). Be intentional about these body parts, and oh, ensure to get the right creams, but if you are on a budget, Vaseline still dey for you.??
Yes, I said it!! Get a spouse.? I am not talking to you single pringles out there, this is for the intending and ready to settle down people. Now instead of just walking, and out of nowhere wind/breeze blows you into someone else’s relationship, you can just get someone and marry.
There are so many advantages of being married this winter season, including eating warm food, someone to prepare warm baths for you, and there is something warm about a house with a partner (I guess), and it is proven by science that a woman has warmer body heat than a man (you are welcome) grins.
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Till we share another Top 5 awesomeness next week, Adios!

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