Hello dear readers, it has been a minute – yes we have been rejuvenating after the mind-blowing event that happened a week ago.

We witnessed a never-seen-before-event in Kaduna state, in every dimension you could think of. Organized by the one and only Judith Caleb, the event was beautifully and wonderfully made (if I do say so myself).

‘ ELLE Festival’ was held on 13th March 2022, specially created for women, with different segments that involved educating, empowering, and giving females an avenue to network and meet women who are thriving in the state. It actually stands for “we are Empowering Ladies for Leadership and Entrepreneurship”. It aligned with International day for Women’s week, so what better way to celebrate women than giving them an exclusive event just for the ladies.

So get strapped in as I give you the juiciest gists of things that occurred during the festival.


Recall I mentioned a never seen event in Kaduna state? Well, I was not kidding you. The event was held at the garden of Chop Complete (An eatery/lounge) located in Narayi Highcost. The stage, the lights, the designs, the booths, were strategically positioned to wow the invited guests. For a small space, Judith pulled off an amazing outlook for the festival, and it was evident in the faces of the ladies present, who kept taking photos and videos. Take a look at some of the photos below.


It was so amazing seeing ladies being impressed with each other. Compliments and admiration filled the atmosphere. Or maybe because it was an only lady’s event? But the fact remains that ELLE Festival brought many ladies together who interacted and patronized each other. We had food, drinks, small chops, fabrics, bead vendors and visual artists display their businesses while others engaged and patronized. Speaking with some of the guests, I found how they admired the vendors, artists, and invited guests due to how they think outside the box, creating a path for themselves. 


Some of the best moments we had during the festival were the talk shows by the invited panelists. They spoke about different aspects of leadership and entrepreneurship, and how ladies can thrive in a male-dominated economy without having to sell themselves short. With so many business tips and ideas that were shared, I doubt any of the ladies went home without a lesson learned. For me, the talk aspects were some of my favorite moments, because a lot of ideas started sprouting up, and I know they will come in handy soon. So if you were not at ELLE Festival, you better find someone that attended and ask for tips.


As you may already know, I would like to restate it authoritatively that Kaduna ladies are so beautiful. Literally, every lady that attended the festival is so beautiful. There was a huge blend of culture and religion to form a unit. Ladies from different backgrounds, states, ethnicity, religions were in attendance, and their beauty radiated all over the place. You just had to be there to witness it.


Apart from the talk shows, and entrepreneurship advice, we did turn up and I gotta say, Kaduna state ladies love to have a good time. There were Virtual Reality games, an art booth for photos, and we had a performance by one of Kaduna’s dopest rappers – IBI, whose performance was so electric, it had everyone out of their seats. And the most amazing set of female dancers called ‘Compass Dancers’.

This capped off one of the best events ever held in the state by a single person. There was dance dance dance after the close of the event. I did not want the show to end because I was having a really good time.

So there you have it, the top 5 talking points about the ELLE Festival organized by Judith Caleb. We cannot wait for what Judith has for us for the rest of the year, but I can assure you, she will blow your mind!.

That is all folks, I will see you again next week for another bomb top 5 session. Like, share, and comment on the post, and don’t forget to Break the Bias.

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