I had the best birthday surprise party ever put together by the amazing Mams Maiwada Kasim

Rymboxx and Hannatu Gabriel played it well.

I didn’t “code” when Rym & Tutu offered to take me out on a birthday dinner…

I didn’t “code” when they came & met me at Kokobite and we sat for hours gisting rather than going for the dinner as planned

I didn’t “code” when my cousin Mennom Churchboi Redemption Enoch ask Us to come eat Chicken at Chop complete

I didn’t ” code” when Mams started throwing tantrums on our way to the venue… saying things like; I don’t like chop complete, it’s evening, people will be there…. Let’s try another place… blah! Blah! Blah!

I didn’t “code” when we drove pass chop complete cos Mams didn’t like the cars parked there ??

I didn’t “code” when RYMBOXX started acting and complaining about driving aimlessly ?

I walked into the venue and they all shouted “Surprise” ?? Fam! I cried!

My best friend Dolly Shankar baked the cake

Everyone was there; Eng’r V C Bature, Vayan Villageboi Joseph, Godiya Racheal Lolo, Ibrahim Iliya, my aunty Hauwa Byat Theophilus amd her husband, Theophilus Usman, Eglah Syeng Ephraim Williams, Rosemary Fredrick Kuzayet Duz, Michael Bodam Afuwai, Faith Benjamin, Kaptin SylvaDee Babban Yaya, Adiyah Iji, John Anthony, Shehu Musa Zock Sock and more ????

Thank you so much! I feel blessed and loved… God bless you all! ❤️❤️

Watch My 30th Surprise Birthday Party – I cried Hard??????

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