Its another beautiful day to ask love questions ???

Music Artist “Tisan” had an exclusive interview with JCB recently and Shared a little about his love life and new song. Read full interview ??

JCDescribe your love life in 3 words 


(Occasionally) Amazing 

JC- First kiss? 

Tisan– Hmmmm, I don’t like this question lol because I honestly don’t know ?. Do the ones we did as children count? Sha I’d say 2009 or there about 

JC- What is the one thing people would be surprised to know about you?

Tisan– I think one thing is; because I make a lot of love themed songs people think I’ve dated a lot. I haven’t actually, just twice and I’ve been single since 2019 ?

JCWhats your favorite love song? 

Tisan– I don’t think I have a favorite sha. It’s so hard to pick, there are so many good ones. I have favorites by genres and favorites per time. At this moment in time I think Anchor by Novo Amor and Deep End by Xavier Omar

JCWhich love song makes you happy 

Tisan– I think I have like 3 that instantly lift my mood. No idea by Victor Ad (That’s my wedding song btw ?)Sango & Oya by Moelogo and Nakupenda by Chike and Ric Hassani 

JCWhats the craziest thing you’ve done for love
Tisan– Ah God have mercy ?I think it would be deciding to go to a particular school because of someone I loved. There’s a school I attended, solely because the person I like was going there (she eventually didn’t go there and I was alone. Love 10 – Tisan 0 

JCTell us about your new song, what’s the inspiration behind the song? 

Tisan – So this song, I wrote when I was going through so much and I really just wanted to put it all down and just vent. Another inspiration was Ladipoe’s LOTR II. I loved how he talked about stuff on that record and just rapped all through, it really inspired me to put my feelings into a song too. 

JCYou live in kaduna and know a lot of artists here, who would you love to work with and what do you think artists in kaduna could do better?

Tisan – Off the top of my head, first person on the list would be President Zik, DIA and GodWin Josiah. If there’s anything I think artists here could do better, it would be building communities that extend beyond the state. It’s really easy to get caught in the bubble here and just be comfortable making music for kaduna, but there’s a much bigger world out there, there are people who’ll enjoy your music but they won’t hear it because you’re focused on making it for just people here.

JC- According to you, who is the best Female artiste in Kaduna and why is that person your best
Tisan– Honestly, I don’t know a lot of the female artists in Kaduna, so I don’t have a long list to pick from. But I’d say Kharis, she’s an amazing rapper and her stage performance energy is ?

JCWhats the most romantic thing someone has done for you? 
Tisan – I think it would be buying me a cake on my birthday oh! (The bar is actually in the mud ??) but yeah the birthday cake came with a beautifully written note. The whole thing made me feel so special. 

JCWho would you want to sing a love song with? 

Tisan – I don’t think there’s any Nigerian who makes love songs who wouldn’t want to make a song with Johnny Drille ?

JC- What song is your guilty pleasure

Tisan – Mann, I think it’s Bella Shmurda’s Cash App. I honestly don’t like the content, but the song is so catchy. 

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