I’m certain you’ve heard that love comes in all shapes and sizes more times than you’d like but it’s true. It comes in all shapes and sizes and today, I want to touch on one particular shape/size; Loving yourself. I’m talking about truly loving yourself and not the facade you put on for people.

Loving yourself provides you with confidence, self worth and positivity. Once you truly love yourself, you’ll be happier, take better care of yourself and love others in a healthy way.

When you adequately and honestly love yourself, you don’t ignore your needs, you don’t overwhelm yourself and you invest time into being a better you in all areas including loving and serving others. For various reasons, many of us find it easier to love others than to love ourselves.

It’s time to start caring for yourself and treating yourself with the same love that you give to others. Remember, you can’t pour from an empty jar. Your relationship with yourself is the most important and longest relationship you’ll ever have. It’s worth spending the time and effort to develop a more loving relationship with yourself.

Because I love you all, I have a gift HERE for you. Have an amazing weekend ahead!

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