Hello, hey, hi how are you doing? Is it just I or is the harmattan in Kd is winding down?

 Welcome back to the top 5 segments on JCB, where we talk about the top 5 of anything and everything. This week we shall be looking at the top 5 hottest rappers in KD right now. We curated this list to give an update on how far the entertainment industry in Kaduna state has grown, and the promising artists that are putting in work, effort, and dedication to their craft.

This list was created based on the artist’s records, singles, stage performances, media airplay, and fans’ recognition.

Do note that is not the opinion of the general public. This is ours and ours alone, so enjoy!



We start off from number 5, and this spot goes to a very enigmatic artist, who came into the croc city rap limelight in 2021. His real name is Alfred Madaki, from Kaduna state and Adara by the tribe. His first song was titled ‘Bounce’, but the song that has been trending and really gets the people going is titled ‘Fredie’. This young promising artist has a high octane style infused with smooth lyrics with hints of Hausa language. With a smooth pattern of dropping his bars, and also a unique way of holding the microphone. He likes to talk about himself in his bars, especially about his height. He has performed at events recently held in Kaduna state, and the crowd loves and enjoys his vibe from start till finish. He recently dropped a jam-titled ‘Guntu’ which means ‘short’ in Hausa and did a refix for the popular song Zazuu zeh alongside DJ Cinch. We hope for consistency and nothing but the best for Fredie.

4. D.I.A

Uncle DIA performing at GBAM

Didam Iliya Ajeye aka Candyman is also a Kaduna-based rapper, who arguably is one of the most prolific rappers in Kaduna. He has been in the Kaduna rap scene for more than a decade. A cool fact about uncle DIA is that he started off as a poet, before branching into Rap – which is evident in his articulate style of dropping conscious music, mind-boggling bars, intentional wordplay, rhymes, and dope lyrics. He preaches positively, and hopes to affect his generation positively.

DIA has over 100 songs (released and unreleased)! Yep, the man is walking, breathing vocabulary.

Some of his songs that you would love and always have on repeat include: Damn you pay me, Call of Duty, LOL, Under D influence, and of course the lovely sweet tune which he featured the amazing singer Joy Adejo ‘A good day to be Alive’.

We are really crossing our fingers and hoping Uncle DIA removes the spirit of hoarding songs, and allow us enjoy greatness this year.

3. DJ AB


Haruna Abdullahi aka DJ Abba or DJ AB is a Kaduna-born Producer, songwriter, and rapper. Fluent in Hausa and English languages. DJ AB has shown in recent years that he is ready to put himself and Arewa’s music on the map. His music career started in 2011 with his clique – Yaran North Side (YNS), a group of young boys recording and playing music. His style is an easy-going Hausa-English (Ingausa) pattern of rap, that resonates well with his fans in the northern part of Nigeria, and can also switch up and go hard in fast-paced beats.

DJ AB has dropped amazing well-received songs in the north including Su baba ne, Yar boko, Soyyaya, and many more hits. He has been elevating over the past few years, and we believe he is going to get bigger this year. In 2021 he dropped amazing songs that went far and wide in the country including ‘Masoyiya, and teamed up with award-winning artist – Mr. Eazy to create the song ‘Supa Supa. He is a cool kid, and we cannot wait for what he has in store for us in 2022.


Kel Cypha

If you follow Ultimate Rap league, and you know Nu Jersey Twork, then you have seen the Nigerian version of Nu Jersey Twork in Kel Cypha. A versatile rapper who speaks English, Hausa, and Igbo Languages fluently. Then you have an idea of what this rapper has in his arsenal.

His real name is Micheal Nonso Ejiofor, an Igbo by tribe, but born and raised in Kaduna state. Kel cypha has been one of the top rappers in Kd since 2014, with an array of singles, EP, and collaboration with top acts in the country. His pattern of artistry is a hard-hitting, non-stop wave of dope bars, lyricism, wordplay, and punchlines.

His hit ‘God no go shame us’ was released in 2020, and became a household slogan that is evergreen, he did the remix with tog guns -Kevinwords, Pherowshuz, and DIA. And it was a 2021 hit. Kel cypha is also the owner of ‘krockcitydegreez’ – a popular blog in Kaduna state.

Some of his songs worthy of note include: Mad o, Vibration, Oliver twist, Jokers, God no go shame us, and the song making waves since 2021 – ‘Upcoming’. We cannot wait for what he has for us in 2022, as we are looking forward to more fire.

DJ Cinch

Fumen John Naye aka Dj Cinch is a popular Kaduna-based artist. One of the most popular of the lot this week. He has found the secret to breaking out the jinx that has been holding down entertainment in Kaduna state. He is a songwriter, Recording, and performing artiste and a multiple award winner, he’s also a DJ, music producer, mixing and mastering sound engineer. Whew! Talk about being multitalented.

He became very popular and trended in Kaduna in 2017 when he remixed Olamide’s hit song ‘Wo’, which he called ‘Arewa wo’. From then, Cincho has become more versatile, with his ability to recreate hit songs, suiting his style and technique.

Dj Cinch sings and raps fluently in both English and Hausa to the delight of his teeming fans and followers. He has equally through his songs and popularized the use of local slangs such as “harkan seniorman”, “chasu zalla”, “Ikon Allah”, “Wanka”, “wotoloi”, “Saminaka”, Muna Waje.

Some of his songs to note include: That Hausa rapper (ft BOC), Wanka, Arewa wo, Again (Hausa cover), credit alert, and he teamed up with Fredie bounce in a new song that just dropped titled ‘Zazuu zeh (cover)’.

Consistency and originality is what has gotten Dj Cinch to where he is today, and we cheer him unto greater heights.

So there you have it, our top 5 artists to look out for in 2022. We shall be keeping watch on them and how the year goes with their crafts.

There are so many promising rappers in the city, and we cannot wait for them to bring their A-game in 2022.

See you again next week, something is cooking!.

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