Life has a funny way of bringing all the things that you could ever want and all the things you prayed to never have. I graduated university in 2014, done with NYSC, fulfilled the dreams of my parent. And now, I am left with the responsibility to become a full functioning adult. I am expected to find a job that will both pursue my life-long dream, find a husband that will love me and cherish my annoying ass… Lol!

 If I knew all these were waiting for me, ” I for no grow  o” (stay a kid for as long as I could!) Cos growing up sucks… 

But then again, maybe being an adult isn’t so bad. I mean, I am now fully responsible with my time. I can spend ALL DAY watching ” Animes lol! Or I can continue working hard right now, and hopefully retire earlier than 50 years old.
What a delight!

And so, this is me. A blogger, content creator, Social Media Specialist and the owner of Judith Caleb Media… Taking my Digital company to the next level….

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xoxo ??

Judith Caleb

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Judith Caleb


Judith Caleb is a Blogger, content creator, Social Media Specialist, and the owner of Judith Caleb Media; A digital marketing company that runs social media campaigns, messaging, and content creation for businesses, companies, and NGOs. She is also The Team lead of ELLE (Empowering Ladies for leader and Entrepreneurship) and Host FESTOLI- Festival of Lights. She is passionate about life and its description through various art forms, writings, paintings, movies.

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