Gospel artist and OAP  Gabriel ‘Rymboxx’ Akhuetie had an exclusive interview with JCB recently & he told us a lot about himself

JC. any celebrity crushes? Rymbox: First of all, I need to remind that i play alot… especially with things like this (interviews) so expect me to laugh and probably make u laugh through out! Brace yourself!!!Celebrity crushes- can i add your name to the list? Abi Judith Caleb is not a celebrity ni???

JC. Lol! Not really

JC. I hear you like Indomie a lot.. How true is that? 

Rymbox: Lol… *singing* mama do good o! She do good… she gimme indomie, she do good… indomie sweet well well… see ba, there are times i feel like if you do an X-ray on me, you’d find indomie somewhere.

JC. Why do you always start your song with ” aye! Rymbox” lol? 

Rymbox:  Hahahahahha!!! What kind of question is this one na?! I sincerely dont know what u r talking about *tries to keep a straight face* you know what, i wont do it on my next song… just watch! Hahahahha

JC. Your music kind of stands out from what every other Kaduna artiste does. How have you been able to maintain your distinct style of music?

Rymbox:  Oh! Thank you. I truly do appreciate. My music is basically an expression of how i feel on the inside… its just my way of capturing some of the things that go through my mind… you know, i dont really look at being different from anybody, i just dwell on being me and expressing myself through my art in the best way that i can. So… if what you see if that i express in a distinct style and i am different and special and unique and awesome then sister! Your head is there jare!!! Lol

JC. How’s your relationship like with other artistes in Kaduna?

 Rymbox:  I think i have a very cordial relationship with artists in Kaduna. Some i know personally and can call friends. Others i know from a distance and respect equally. We dey alright!!!

JC. So what kind of support do you get from your Family?

Rymbox:  Sincerely, the support from my folks is amazing! I truly dont think i would have gotten this far without their support. I have a studio in my room and most times i work at night… you can only imagine the kind of noise i make everytime- they have never complained… although my dad use to quarrel small small sha but as money don dey enter, story haff change! Hahahahah
JC. when is Rymbox giving his fans an album?Rymbox:  The album has been a work in progress. I really didnt plan on taking this long and would like to use this medium to apologize. Everyone who’s been anticipating… i promise una- something very big is coming this year by the grace of God

JC. What do you think the Kaduna music Industry can do differently, what advice do you have to give the Industry?

Rymbox:  Eeerm… I wouldn’t say that- i am sure you’d agree with me that the kaduna music industry is really growing and filled with amazingly talented artists… there’s room for improvement… we r getting there

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