Healthy, caring relationships with family, friends, colleagues and significant others can give our lives immeasurable joy and meaning. Like most things of value in life, these relationships must be sought and maintained deliberately. Meaningful relationships take hard work and conscious effort.
Some qualities that make for sound, durable relationships are: Honesty, strong two-way communication, caring, empathy, commitment, ability to laugh at selves and the world, respectful confrontation of trouble spots, patience, mutual respect, and willingness to compromise.

There are a few key skills to remember that can not only improve your relationships, but also provide massive benefits to your mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being.

  • Always focus on building a connection with people
  • Remember that we’re all the same, yet very different
  • Remember that you have something special to offer
  • Always be yourself
  • Leave something good behind everywhere you go
  • Never force things
  • Never try to control other people
  • Don’t judge others
  • Develop Your Self-Esteem
  • Learn to Communicate Well
  • Have a Positive Attitude Towards Others
  • Avoid Common Interpersonal Pitfalls

Here’s to building meaningful relationships that last.

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