Vayan Joseph aka Villagboi took to his Facebook wall & wrote about his event and mindset around ticketing.

I think most entertainers and showbiz promoters in the north can relate to this ??… Read what he wrote and share your thoughts :


While marketing our events we hear statements like “Make I support your event by buying ticket” and sometimes I ponder, if we will ever get to that point where people will buy ticket for HIP SAMBA not because of just support but because of the ENTERTAINMENT VALUE and EXPERIENCE we offer…

I always wonder if organisers of COACHELLA which is one of the biggest music and art festival in the world, go to meet seniormen and beg them to buy table/VVIP tickets so as to support COACHELLA. I assume they don’t cos sometimes you hear their tickets are sold out few mins of after announcement…

And I’ve been trying to understand the success factor behind it..

Is it the American Showbiz Culture
Is it because of high population of American Citizens with disposable cash
Is it the structure of the showbiz industry in America that enables it
Is it the content and festival experience event that draws the high traffic

Or lastly, a combination of all or some of the points listed…

May be we need to do more in creating an XPERIENCE for our events over here that attendees will attend because of the excitement and not because they want to support the event ?

What is the solution?


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