About Us

Judith Caleb

Judith Caleb is a Blogger, content creator, Social Media Specialist, and the owner of Judith Caleb Media; A digital marketing company that runs social media campaigns, messaging, and content creation for businesses, companies, and NGOs.

She is also The Team lead of ELLE (Empowering Ladies for leadership and Entrepreneurship) and Host FESTOLI- Festival of Lights.

Anizizo Swankii

I am a Kaduna-born writer, content creator, and I used to dance in the past. I write for fun and entertainment. Read my stories and watch my words come to life.
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Phateemah A

Phateemah A loves reading, researching, and sharing all she has read and researched. She’s a Content Creator, DIYer, and a Self Help “Dalai Lama”

Zakari a.k.a Bims

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