Great Nigerian Students! – Not feeling so great now, are we? Hello welcome back to the Top 5 corner, and I bet you as a student reading this is just probably home, eating, sleeping, gaming, movies, and other shenanigans.
I can relate, and I have to say the Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU) strike is one of the worst things to have for a student in a federal University in Nigeria. There are so many downsides to industrial action, from the brutality it does to your academic calendar, to ruining of your personal plans and goals, to keeping you idle and feeling useless, to many other unnecessary disadvantages.
This week we have gotten 5 different things or activities you can embark on if the ASUU strike persists after the warning phase. They are easy and very lucrative activities, so you are going to enjoy this read, stick around.

This may sound like a cheesy one, but if I am to sincerely ask you to list 5 of your hobbies in 5 seconds, would you be able to do it or you would stutter?. Exactly my point, so how about you use this time and find out something you could enjoy doing. It could be hiking, learning how to swim, reading a book, cooking, baking, sporting activity, and the list is unending. And this could become so fun that you wouldn’t know when the time passes by. So my friend, find that new thing you love to do.

Now there are some people that have never left the states they reside in, and it is a very boring way to live (in my 50 leaves notebook). From primary, secondary, and now Tertiary school, you have never left the shores of that city, or in some cases where you school in another state, you only travel to school and back home. I employ you to find a new state in the country (or outside) and go visit, and it could be with a friend or in groups. But be careful, we have bandits and kidnappers out there, scout and plan the trip before making it.

Hey! don’t frown. I am not trying to stress you with this point, but some of the older generations never got this advice, and it is a bit late for them to learn skills. You are young, agile, fresh, and ready, how about you get a list of skills that might interest you, and try out one or two of them?. This could be an opportunity for you to become self-reliant and dualize your goals as you grow. It does not have to be complex skills as there are hundreds of skills you can learn even from the comfort of your home. Start from YouTube.

You are home, no work, no lectures, no stress, no night reading, just food, drinks, and sleep. Perish that idea, because you do not want to go back to school looking very occupied. Watch your weight, exercise more, drink a lot of water, and please – do not eat that bread by 11 PM (you are not a hoodlum).

Now while this is an opportunity for some students to be at home and bond with their families, there are others who are already a nuisance in the home. So this next activity is for you to be useful in the home. Do not just sit inside, and not contribute to anything. Get busy with chores, errands, and help out in the smooth running of your home. This will make them miss you when you resume school and definitely love you more.
So there you have it, the top 5 activities to do during the ASUU strike. We at JCB continue to hope the industrial action gets called off soon, and you can resume school.
Until then, stay safe, be of good conduct, get your PVC, and pray for world peace.
See you around!

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