As I lay on my bed reminiscing  about my 2021 and trying to think of what to write, I can’t help but be grateful for God’s love, grace and faithfulness. A lot happened last year (2021). 

Personal life- I lost some friends- made new ones- finally let go and let God.

On blogging-  consistency is everything – comparison steals joy – honestly, sometimes I go check some blogs and feel a pang of jealousy ( I am only human?) and its would becomes a problem when I dwell on it.

I got good gigs compared to 2020 and my readership increased a whole lot.

Found myself- I experienced the importance of financial planning and spending wisely on another level… It was crazy- I learnt a lot about my passions/potentials like ( farming) lol!I impressed myself a lot with the level of maturity i handled and tackled some life issues.

On life-  there is one happiness in life, to love and be loved- life is simple, but we insist on complicating things- people will always come at you with their own opinions of what you should be like or what you should do. Don’t let them steal your peace and Joy.

That’s all for 2021! Oh and guys! I’ll really love to connect more with you all this new year. Drop your social media handle.

XoXO ??

Judith Caleb

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Judith Caleb


Judith Caleb is a Blogger, content creator, Social Media Specialist, and the owner of Judith Caleb Media; A digital marketing company that runs social media campaigns, messaging, and content creation for businesses, companies, and NGOs. She is also The Team lead of ELLE (Empowering Ladies for leader and Entrepreneurship) and Host FESTOLI- Festival of Lights. She is passionate about life and its description through various art forms, writings, paintings, movies.

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